Learn To Play The "Can't Miss Chip"

Use a Hybrid instead of a Wedge for an easy "Up and Down" 


Do you generally miss a lot of greens? Do you lack touch with your wedges when around the greens? If you do, then this article is for you. Did you know the average 10 handicap golfer hits less than 5 greens in regulation on average during their round? 


When you miss a green  you immediately go to one of your wedges. The problem is, you don't have a ton of confidence in your wedge game and tend to make poor contact on delicate chip shots. But you still pull out your sand wedge and end up too far away from the hole to one-putt. Yet another bogey or worse is put on your scorecard. 



Ditch your wedge and chip the ball with one of your hybrids. The sole design of this clubs allows you to catch the ball and get it rolling consistently toward the hole. Follow these three simple steps and you will be lowering your scores immediately.  


Step 1: Assume your set up position with the golf ball off of your back foot. Lean the shaft of your hybrid toward the target so that your hands are positioned in front of the golf ball.

Step 2: Keep the clubhead low to the ground in the backswing. Imagine it as though you're sweeping with a broom. The clubhead should not lift higher than a few inches off of the ground. 

Step 3: Lead the clubhead into impact with your hands ahead, this will allow the ball to roll like a putt. You will need to strike the ball with about 20 percent less power than you would if you were to use a putter from the same distance.