Winterize Your Golf Game

Winterize Your Golf Game

There's a common misconception that when the cold weather moves in, golfers place their clubs away in the closet and don't take them out again until Spring. If you take your game seriously, you know it doesn't have to be that way.

Practicing your golf game in the winter requires determination and creativity when living in a cold climate. Freezing temperatures and snow drifts make it hard to get outside and work on your game. However, there are many drills you can do to improve your technique, even when it's cold outside.

Strength and Flexibility

Touring professionals Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy, for example, use the offseason to improve their physical conditioning. Improving your physical fitness may not appear as an avenue to bettering your technique, however, enhancing your strength and flexibility allows you to find correct positions in your golf swing. For example, a stronger core allows you to stay in your posture longer with less effort.

Swing a Weighed Club

There are many advantages to swinging a weighted club; improved strength, flexibility and swing mechanics. The element that will be benefit the most from swinging a weighted club this winter is your mechanics.  Find a mirror in your home and swing a weighted club slowly. By swinging slowly, this allows your muscles and brain to learn the correct positions faster than at full speed. Use the mirror to validate the key check points of the swing; address, club parallel, top of swing, club parallel, impact and finish.  

Use an Indoor Driving Range

There is no alternative to seeing ball flight. Yes, launch monitors, Trackman and Flightscope, are great avenues for club fitting and instruction but nothing compares to seeing the flight of the ball. When there is snow on the ground, this can be a difficult task. In 2016 the majority of cities have a driving range with heated stalls and some even have indoor facilities. In Pittsburgh, we have the RMU Island Sports Dome where we can see ball flight up to 100 yards in a controlled climate. Try and get to a facility once or twice each month to see the ball flight you are producing.

I promise you, if you do these tasks this winter, your game will come out better than it came in. And that is a gift even Santa can’t provide!