Engineered for Performance

The traditional junior golf program lines juniors up on the range and has them hitting ball after ball. For many juniors and this can get boring fast. Our program is different. Most kids want to do something that is fun, feels good, and that they can do with their friends. Unlike traditional junior golf programs, we embrace these ideals and keeps kids excited and interested in a game that lasts a lifetime.



Movement Skills

The Movement Skills portion of our program is not just golf specific.  We want our juniors to be athletes that play golf not just golfers. Therefore we teach them to learn a broad range of athletic skills:

  • Locomotive Skills 
  • Stability Skills  
  • Manipulative and Object Control Skills
  • Awareness Skills

Sport Skills

The Sport Skills is where we teach golf specific skills. This includes:

  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Full Swing
  • Course Management